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Interested in a soda maker or a seltzer maker? Buy a Fizz-Giz instead of a kitchen countertop unit. Here's why...
Portability The Fizz Giz soda maker will fit in your silverware drawer, pocket or lunch box. You can take it anywhere - even to outer space.
Versatility You can use our seltzer maker to carbonate fruit juice and prepared beverages. If you use our competitor's kitchen countertop unit on anything other than plain water - they cancel your warranty. Any common soda bottle works for us. Not so with the competition.
Capability Higher carbonation levels may be reached with the Fizz Giz carbonator. More effective carbonation is achieved through agitation during the process. Kitchen countertop units do not allow you to agitate bottles while carbonating. You simply can't mix the CO2 effectively without agitation. The big soda bottling companies know this. Our competitors know this. But since you can't pick up their machine and shake it, they downplay this important fact. One of the biggest consumer complaints by those with countertop carbonators is disappointment with low carbonation levels achieved.
Compatibility Buy and use plain, ordinary CO2 bulbs. The Fizz Giz uses industry standard CO2 bulbs sold worldwide. Our competitors use their own proprietary CO2 cylinders with unique, tricky fittings that cannot be refilled by just anyone. You can only buy CO2 from them. Can't take your CO2 on the plane? Who cares? Any town with an airport will have someone who sells CO2 bulbs.
Affordability Competitive systems sell for three to seven times more than a Fizz Giz seltzer maker.


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If you would like to make your own soft drinks for pennies,
your own club soda or fizzed up lemonade, sparkling wine
coolers, or maybe just add the Fizz Bang back to flat beer...
You can do it all on-the-go with The Carbonator of choice:
The highly portable Fizz Giz Soda Maker Carbonator!